Caliber Business Systems designs and implements solutions that transforms complete range of enterprise processes.  We create value not only by understanding the promises of advanced technologies, but also by reliably delivering application solutions that make those promises real.

We are committed to business and takes responsibility for delivering cost-effective solutions in a shorter time - allowing clients to focus on growing business.  We manage the design, development, and implementation of the project with our proven project methodology.


Staff Augmentation

We primarily focuses on providing quality software professionals for consulting at the client site. Staffing Services include finding skilled software engineers for US companies is one of the main activities for us at Caliber.  With our unique staff search methods we are able to hunt, recruit, and send across highly skilled engineers.  The area of expertise of our consultants ranges from client server applications, databases, and system administration to eCommerce applications.

Our consulting offers custom software solutions to its clients.  It specializes in providing consulting services in areas like eCommerce, Internet Technologies, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Object Oriented Technologies, and Relational Databases.

Corporate Trainings

In today’s competitive world, all the businesses require up-to-date skills.  Training existing staff leverages existing investment in workforce and provides benefits to both organization & employees.  Caliber Business Systems has developed a range of curricula for IT professionals needing advanced training in state-of-the-art technologies & platforms.  We also specialize in designing & developing customized training programs to meet specific needs of clients and individual employees.

Caliber provides hands-on training at corporate level in various technologies including Java, Business Analysis, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Oracle, SQL Server, .NET, Web Development, C++, Networking, ASP, Software Engineering, and many more.


By leveraging our offshore capabilities we are able to offer our clients "blended rates" that dramatically reduce project costs as we provide you a core front-end team "onsite" and a solid back-end development / support team in our "offshore" development center in India.

Through our services, our clients can save on development time & costs including labor, infrastructures, ramp-up time, learning curves, cultural barriers, and language problems.  Our work philosophy is to keep ourselves equipped and well versed with cutting-edge solutions to offer our clients the maximum benefits.  Service levels are assured through resource budgeting and capacity planning during the entire project lifecycle.